Breathe Jumpsuit

Breathe Jumpsuit


Crafted from lightweight, eco-friendly fabrics and styled for comfort. With back pocket details and adjustable straps. Can be layered-up for wear in all seasons.

Part of an exclusive collection designed by Daniella Hunter, available in 2 cool, neutral tones; Coco (off white) and Charcoal (almost black).  

Material: 7% Hemp 33% Silk 60% Organic Cotton

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Belt: Not included

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Available in 2 neutral shades - Coco & Charcoal:


We are committed to using fabrics that promote the well-being and sustainability of the environment.

This piece is made using hemp, a natural, resilient, and extremely eco-friendly fiber. The qualities of hemp fibers lend to the character and irregularities in this fabric. After sewing, the garment was washed and treated for a soft hand feel.

We are dedicated to creating pieces that you’ll want to wear all the time. Think of this as a second skin.